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Steps To Do To Silence Noise Making Garbage Disposal In Kitchen?

Do you find that your old garbage disposer is making a lot of noise in the kitchen? And you are tired because of the loud noise from the garbage disposal that disrupts peace at the home? Or do you want to know how a modern noise-free garbage disposer works to complement the kitchen atmosphere? A common consumer will complain because the garbage disposer such that it brings a lot of noise while working.

On average, you can find that it will make about 80 dB while grinding scraps and therefore less noise compared to a food blender. Different things will lead to the silence of a garbage disposer. That is why you find others noisier than others. However, the unavoidable noise from the garbage disposer is the vibration.

Here is how to make a garbage disposer quiet:

  • Mount Material

According to a test conducted that was comparing two brands of garbage disposals; InSinkErator and Waste King, it proved that the mount material that attaches the appliance to the sink will affect noise produced because of vibrations. If you are aiming at a quit disposer, then I would recommend you choose one with a metal 3-bolt type of mounting system. Avoid one having a plastic EZ mount.

Choosing a metal one is also more solid and durable that will allowing fewer vibrations or less noise. You will also ensure that your garbage disposer is properly installed because it might be the cause of you having extra vibrations.Garbage Disposal Repair

  • Build Quality

The material that is used in constructing the motor and body of the garbage disposal also plays a vital role in bringing the noise.

High-quality materials will be sturdier causing fewer vibrations than the poor-quality pics. So, if you are looking to have the best garbage disposal appliance choose one with high-end disposal that is metallic and not plastic.

  • Insulation Technology

If the disposer you have at home has insulation features or not, will have a huge influence on the level of noise the disposer will produce.

According to garbage disposer manufacturers, they name the technology Sound Shield or Sound Seal. It is the insulation that plays a vital role in blocking the noise produced while the appliance is running. Besides, the installation will make the appliance larger and heavier.

  • Batch Or Continuous Feed

If you have a batched or even continuous feed type of these garbage disposals, it will bring a difference in the level of the noise. However, the difference is not likely substantial, these batch feeds are quieter. You can close at the top of the lead and thus preventing the noise from escaping from the kitchen sink drain.

  • Motor Power

The motor power also vital in playing a vital role in the noise level that the disposer will produce while operating. For example, a low-powered motor will create less noise compared to a higher-powered motor.

However, for high-powered garbage disposals, they can compensate their sound by using sound insulation. Nevertheless, these low-powered ones have their advantages because they are weighing less, cost le, ss and use less space.